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About Us

Our Mission


The Interfaith Council provides spiritual leadership to solve community problems.


As a catalyst fostering community-building action and conversation, we provide resources and convene events that increase interfaith understanding and create a safe space for growing and nurturing interfaith relationships; engage diverse religious groups and individuals inaction to meet societal needs; advocate for communities and issues that are often overlooked; collaborate as an essential partner with congregations, non-profits, schools, and government agencies to foster a responsive, connected and compassionate community.

Our Vision


The Interfaith Council is on the move. The the need for interfaith collaboration and conversation is greater than ever in our polarized world. The opportunity for interfaith communities to work together to meet needs is increasing. The Interfaith Council is poised to facilitate both the conversation and the action. We want you to be a part of what we’re up to, and seek your financial as well as spiritual support. The first Council of Churches in the country to become an interfaith organization, the IFC has a long history of bringing people of different faith traditions together for conversation and collaborative action. The Council actively supports the diverse religious expressions found within the communities of lower Fairfield County, and seeks to build understanding among the various traditions through both collaborative action addressing social needs, and through conversation and education. The Council continues to do this through high quality lectures and programs each year, through supporting non-profit initiatives in the area, and through its own programs such as  the Living Water for Dry Times initiative.

Our Values


The Interfaith Council commits itself to:

  • Respect the inherent religious and human rights of all individuals;

  • Promote mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect among diverse religions and    cultures,

  • Acknowledging our differences and celebrating our similarities;

  • Foster safe and open dialogue on controversial topics of importance to our communities;

  • Provide a moral compass and leadership in a world dominated by materialism;

  • Combat prejudice and oppression through social action;

  • Offer a voice for those who are voiceless;

  • Give comfort, support and hope when troubling events – local, national, or global – that impact our understanding of the world;

  • Affirm the separation of church and state, and the promotion of cooperation between the faith community and our governments;

  • Welcome as partners all who embrace these values.

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